そんなタップダンスの可能性の一つとして、Aska Shiozawaによる全く新しい切り口のタップダンスショーが来たる11月に開催決定。




Back to the 18th century the black ivory brought from Africa to the United States. It was said that they started as a part of communication at the time that music, as well as conversation, was forbidden Tap dance will be done. Even now, when the times have passed, we are diversifying as we inherit the spirit, knowledge and skills of our predecessors. As one of the possibilities of such tap dancing, Aska Shiozawa took a part to hold completely new tap dance show in November .

Best picked 15 tap dancers will perform a masterpiece performance, along with original songs played by the full band.

"Dance and Music"

Because it is a tap dance with its two sides, it can be realized, do not miss this moment.

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